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15 July 2012
19 Sept 2012
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28 Sept 2012
Distinguished Guest Lecturers
Prof. Mark Ellisman
National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research
University of California, San Diego
Title: Recent Advances in Biological Microscopy
Web: http://ncmir.ucsd.edu/about/personnel/mellisman.shtm
Prof. Max. Haider
2011 Wolf Prize, Physics
Title: Atomic Resolution of Transmission Electron Microscopy by Means of Aberration Correction
Web: http://www.ceos-gmbh.de/MaxHaider.html
Prof. Fumihiro Matsukura
WPI Advanced Institute for Materials Research
Tohoku University
Title: Recent Progress in Spintronics Materials
Web: http://www.ohno.riec.tohoku.ac.jp/english/index-.htm
Prof. Jian Shen
Department of Physics
Fudan University
Title: Magnetic Nanodots Induced Novel Magnetic Phenomena
Web: http://www.physics.fudan.edu.cn/tps/people/jianshen/Home_en.html
Prof. Brad Siwick
Department of Physics
McGill University
Title: Lights, action, camera: Making movies of molecules and materials with ultrafast electron diffraction and microscopy
Web: http://www.physics.mcgill.ca/~siwick/
Prof. Ching Tang
Department of Chemistry
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Rochester
2011 Wolf Prize, Chemistry
Title: Organic Light Emitting Diode for Display Applications
Web:   http://www.chem.rochester.edu/faculty/faculty.php?name=tang
Tutorial Instructors
Prof. Rudolf Tromp
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Title: How to get the most out of your microscope: understanding the cathode objective lens
Dr. Andrea Locatelli
Elettra Synchrotron Laboratory
Title: Basic concepts in synchrotron radiation PEEM imaging and spectroscopy
Prof. Ernst Bauer
Arizona State University
Title: Magnetic imaging with cathode lens electron microscopies